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Present rules are valid for the whole conference. Separate sections and forums/site of the conference may have their own rules which specify the rules of conduct in them. However, present rules are obligatory in any case.

The rules are introduced to create comfortable and constructive atmosphere of communication. If the established form of communication doesn't suit you, then abstain from participation in this conference.

I. Registration of users.

  1. By registration in the forum/site you accept present Rules.
  2. To register in the forum/site a user must provide an active e-mail address. We guarantee privacy of the provided information.
  3. Choice of a username (a nickname) is your exclusive right. The administration reserves the right to take measures for stopping a nickname usage, if its usage violates generally accepted moral and ethic standards and it is insulting for other forum/site users. Registration of nicknames, resembling the existing ones so that they can mislead other site users, is prohibited.
  4. Repeated registration of one user, regardless of his/her aims, is prohibited. This violation is considered to be extremely serious and leads to the blocking of all accounts.
  5. If you do not display activity in the forum/website for a long time, you account may be removed.

II. Rules of conduct in the forum.

  1. Communication in the forum is based on the principles of generally accepted morality and netiquette.
  2. Usage of swear and abusive words is strictly prohibited, no matter in what form and to whom they are addressed. It concerns substitution of letters by characters as well.
  3. Any advertising, including Internet projects (except for the cases of preliminary approval with the administration), is strongly prohibited.
  4. Your signature in the forum cannot be longer than two lines. It must meet the same requirements as forum posts.

III. Message posting.

  1. Thread subject must be informative and reflect the core of the problem to the maximum.
  2. Before you create a new thread, make sure that you create it in the forum/website of the proper subject area and that this question hasn’t been discussed before.
  3. Creation of identical threads in different sections and posting of similar messages in different threads is prohibited.
  4. Try not to make grammar mistakes in your posts, it will give a negative impression about you.

IV. Relationship between users and the administration.

  1. The administration follow common sense and internal rules of forum/site management in their actions.
  2. Discussion of administration’s (forum administrators’ and moderators’) actions is strongly prohibited in any forums and threads, except for the special forum, intended for the discussion of all aspects of the whole forum/site work.

The administration reserves the right to change the rules with the further notification of forum/site users. All forum changes and updates are carried out with the consideration of users’ opinions and interests.

Only registered users can vote in polls (so as to prevent spoofing of results). If you have registered and still can not vote then you probably do not have appropriate access rights.

Simple. Click on the relevant button on either the forum page or on the page subject. You may need to register before you can post a message. Rights will be available at the bottom of the forum and topic screens (the You can post new topics list, you can vote, etc.).

The most likely reasons are either the administrator did not install your language or translation has not translated this board into your language. Try asking the board administrator if they can install the language pack you need or if it does not exist, feel free to create a new translation. More information can be found at the phpBB Group website. Follow the link at the bottom of the page.

The most likely reasons for this are: you use a username or a wrong password (check the email that you received when you first registered) or the administrator has deleted your account for some reason. If it is the latter case then perhaps you did not post anything? It is usual for boards to periodically remove users who have not posted anything so as to reduce the size of the database. Try registering again and get involved in the discussion.

Do not panic! While your password can not be retrieved it can be reset. To do this go to the login page and click I've forgotten my password use, follow the instructions and you should be able to be back online shortly. I registered but can not connect!

Have you registered? Seriously, you must register in order to connect. Have you been banned from the board (a message will appear to indicate that)? If so, you should contact the board administrator to find out why. If you have registered and are not banned and you still can not log in then check good username and password. Usually this is the problem. If this is not, contact the board administrator for the board might be incorrectly configured.